About Us

Millers, driers and marketers of the following Australian Furniture Timbers:

Victorian Blackwood (Otways)Acacia melanoxylon
Red StringybarkEucalyptus macrorhycha
Southern Blue GumEucalyptus globulus Bicostata
Silver WattleAcacia dealbata
Victorian MessmateEucalyptus obliqua

Corsair Sustainable Timbers was established in 1992 by Denis Brown and Robert Voss with the aim of producing the best quality furniture, cabinetmaking and flooring in Australian timbers. The company has now grown to become the largest miller of Blackwood on the Australian mainland and the only miller of commercial quantities of Red Stringybark and Southern Blue Gum.

All the timbers milled are now sourced from private land in Victoria. Under Victorian Law since 1995 all the areas of timber harvested in this state must be replanted in exactly the same species that has been harvested. The normal "mean" age of the re-growth trees harvested and milled by Corsair is about 60 years.

All timbers are transported to our Yackandandah address for processing which includes milling, drying and grading.

Typically our timbers are air dried for a minimum of 12 months before final drying in low temperature de-humidifying drying kilns. This slow low temperature drying regime results in premium quality stable timbers with no high temperature drying stresses.

Corsair at present supplies a large range of clients which include Australia's leading wholesale furniture makers, cabinetmakers and joiners, and Australia's leading wood craftsmen/designers/artists (such as Evan Dunstone at Dunstone Design, Canberra) in all states of Australia. Our client base also includes individual craftsmen and hobbyists. Enquiries are most welcome from all of the above timber users.

Timbers are produced in a range of sizes from 25/38/50mm thick with widths of up to 200mm and lengths up to 3.6m. 75x75mm and 100x100mm Blackwood legs/posts are also available. Occasionally board widths up to 350mm in Blackwood are also produced. Timber is supplied either rough sawn or dressed all round.

Red Stringybark and Southern Blue Gum are also produced as exterior decking boards and interior tongue and groove flooring.